The perfect addition to compliment your in salon treatments.

Beauty Products

Estime and Sens

Cleansers and Toners

Gentle Cleansing Milk 200ml £21

Gentle Toning Lotion 200ml £17

Soft Cleansing Milk 200ml £17

Tender Toning Lotion 200ml £17

Bonjour Cleansing Gel 150ml £19

Bonjour Cleansing Gel 15ml £6

Make Up Removers

Nectar MakeUp Remover 150ml £28

Eye & Lip MakeUp Remover 100ml £20


Nectar (No Grain) 50ml £31

Instant Radiance Scrub 50ml £25.50

Instant Radiance Scrub 15ml £7


Express Moisturing 50ml £29.50

Express Moisturing 15ml £8

Purifying 50ml £25

Restorative 50ml £32

Mask Against Time 50ml £33.50


Melting Cream

15ml £8 (whilst stock lasts)

30ml £25

50ml £32

Refillable  50ml £38

Refil Only 50ml £31

Very Matifying Lotion

50ml £29

Fine Cream

30ml £25

Refillable 50ml £38

Refil 50ml £31

Velvety Cream

15ml £8

30ml £25

Refillable 50ml £38

Refil 50ml £31

Sovereign Cream

Refillable 50ml £44

Refil 50ml £37

Sublime Anti Ageing 

Light 15ml £10

Light Refillable 50ml £56

Light Refil 50ml £50

Rich Refillable 50ml £56

Rich Refil 50ml £50

Eye & Lip Care

Sparkling Eye Gel 15ml £32

Youthful Look Eye Lotion 15ml £33

Moisturising Lip Nectar 20ml £10.50

Sublime Lips 20ml £31.50


Cleasner 100ml £15

Tonic Scrub 50ml £21.50

Face & Beard Oil 30ml £27.50

Moisturising Cream 50ml £38

Moisturising Lotion 50ml £24

Facial Kits


15ml Bonjour Gel cleanser

15ml Instant Radiance Scrub

15ml Express Moisturising Mask

15ml Melting Cream/Velvety/Sublime

1.5ml Eye Lotion/Gel

Oshibori Towel



15ml Bonjour Gel Cleanser

15ml Exfoliating Nectar (No Grain)

15ml Purifying Mask

15ml Very Matifying/Fine Cream

Oshibori Towel



15ml HuMAN Cleanser

15ml HuMAN Tonic Scrub

15ml Express Moisturising Mask

5ml HuMAN Face& Beard Oil

15ml HuMAN Cream/Lotion

Oshibori Towel


Body Care

Hydro Tonic Body Milk 200ml £30.50 

Hydro Tonic Body Milk 30ml £8

Sovereign Balm 150ml £33

Body Scrub 2 in 1 200ml £25

Body Scrub 2 in 1 30ml £7

Hand cream 50ml £13

Body Care Kit

30ml Hydro Tonic Body Milk

30ml Body Scrub 2 in 1 

Exfoliating Gloves